Exclusive HOLY WATER
video premiere!

August 30, 2017

After releasing the first two videos of her Amaurotic trilogy, “Ride Home,” and “Lost Girl,” Natalie Paige Bentley is ready to deliver the final chapter. The new video for “Holy Water” follows the trio of star-crossed lovers as they fight their worst impulses, jockeying to win each other’s hearts and souls. Literally. With such a complex tale being woven, it feels appropriate to let Natalie herself explain where they are, how they got here, and where they are going….

“There is something magically cathartic that happens to your soul when we are in the thicket of the unknown. One slight turn to the left or to the right, could bring us to salvation or damnation. The magic isn’t in praying we make the right choice, it is in the footsteps, whether it be to the right or to the left, because we can only have an awakening when life brings about an undeniable and unsolicited force of change. It may be tragic, or it may be miraculous in nature, both are forcibly enlightening. ‘Holy Water’ captures the cathartic awakening in these characters. Our male has stepped into his own reality, to a point of no return, enchanted and enraptured by his fantasies that not only figuratively breaks another heart, but literally and reluctantly rips her heart from her body to give life to his fantasy love, despite his fruitless efforts to end a love that was never unadulterated from the start. He is entranced by his own primal desires to be the essence of a ‘man,’ while acting out his masculinity and self-glorification that propels him deeper into his ego and blind to sentiments.
Exclusive LOST GIRL
video premiere!

August 23, 2017

Natalie Paige Bentley enthralled viewers with her recently released music video for “Ride Home.” It was the first of a music video trio exploring the depths of her emotional well, which runs deep and often dark. 

“Ride Home” introduced viewers to the landscape, the characters, and the captivating theme of Amaurotic. Not only the title of her new EP, it’s also a condition that results in the sudden an unexplained loss of sight. The parallels of the experience to the music of the EP come together quickly, revealing a scorned lover mourning the sudden loss of something very dear to her. The second video of her trilogy, “Lost Girl,” digs deeper into the world of Natalie Paige Bentley, revealing even deeper layers of complexity and wonderment. 

As Bentley explains; "The thematic exploration of losing one sights in Amaurotic, not just within oneself or our place in the world, but more importantly inside the emotional torrents of relationships, gains a deeper insight into the internal world of emotional and physical intimacies with "Lost Girl." Unable to decipher between lust and love, the waters become murky, crossing fine lines, the more we separate our heart and mind as a whole. In reality we are becoming more disconnected with ourselves in search of filling a void that doesn’t rest within another individual, it resides deep within our own soul. The more disconnected we become in relationships, with ourselves, others, including circumstances and situations, our vision now becomes a cloudy picture of what we used to know, so we set out to look for what feels good to provide instant gratification for our own personal longings within ourselves". 

NPB music Exclusive RIDE HOME
video premiere!

August 16, 2017

Amaurotic: there’s an unusual word. It describes a sudden and unexplained occlusion of sight – an interruption of the usual transmissions of daily life. It’s a scientific term, but also one that carries with it ominous, mystical, otherworldy overtones. Amaurotic is also the name of Natalie Paige Bentley’s latest EP project, and those who know her enchanting sound will immediately understand why it fits. Her emotional world is one that is constantly in flux, washed by the tides of her unconscious, and her songs finds the intersections between technical precision and sensuality. Bentley’s gossamer art-pop is a river with a cool, placid surface and dangerous, swirling undercurrents; it’s deep water for sure, but it’s too inviting not to dive in.